The project is located in one of the most prestigious and old areas of Sofia, Lozenetz district. Located above a hill the site ofers unique views for high rise development. In the last few
years Lozenetz district became a mix-use development area for residential units and once buildings. The site ofers fast access to all key destinations in the city:
• 5min. to the City Centre;
• 15 min. to the Airport;
The site is very easy accessible with both car and public
• 1min. walking distance to the Metro Station;
• 1min. walking distance to the stations of public transport;
• Easy access to one of the main boulevards which connects
the City Centre and the Ring Road;
• 15min. walking distance to the National Palace of Culture;
• 15-20min. walking distance to the City Centre with high
concentration of stores and shopping areas;


The future development of the site is planned for a high rise Hotel which meets all the criteria for luxury hotel, which will 0 ofer unique 360 views of Sofia City landscape and Vitosha mountain for the customers. The total build up area is 40 220 sq.m which includes 3 types of hotel rooms, 2 restaurants,
lobby bars, cofee, sport area, conference and meeting rooms; spa centre and night club.
The world class hotel project will be implemented on a plot of 4 733 sq.m, situated at the James Boucher Blvd. with Total buildup area of 43 800 sq.m and includes three underground floors, ground floor and 25 floors. The total height of the building will reach 90 m.

The luxury hotel project located on top of the hill of Sofia, close to metro and bus & train stations, and also direct connection with downtown and ring road and other, which cans to  provide a calm and cosy atmosphere  to guests and visitors with 209 rooms, 28 apartments and 42 luxury apartments, conference halls, stores, sport and indoor pool center. The Hotel conceptual design presume 3 underground levels with total area of 13 899sq.m.. The above ground build-up are is 26 321sq.m. and includes the following areas with function:

Project parameters
Size of the plot 4733 sq.m.
Buil tarea 2603 sq.m.
Built-up area (above ground) 26320 sq.m.
Built-up area (underground) 13900 sq.m.
Coefcient of intensity of construction Intensity 6.10
Building density 55 %
Percentage of landscaping 40 %
Floors ground floor & 26 floors Height 90 m
Total build-up area 40220 sq.m.
Parking 13300 sq.m.
Parking Energoproekt 220 places
Parking Hotel 110 places
Total 330 places
Foyers 550 sq.m.
Lobby bar 210 sq.m.
Stores 220 sq.m.
Hair salon 95 sq.m.
Sport area 725 sq.m.
Conference area 690 sq.m.
Food area (3 Restaurants) 1650 sq.m.
Night bar 420 sq.m.
Restrooms 140 sq.m.
Public areas 4700 sq.m.
Foyers 550 sq.m.
Lobby bar 210 sq.m.
Stores 220 sq.m.
Hair salon 95 sq.m.
Sport area 725 sq.m.
Conference area 690 sq.m.
Food area (3 Restaurants) 1650 sq.m.
Night bar 420 sq.m.
Restrooms 140 sq.m.
- Offices1 1200 sq.m.
Hotel Part 16200 sq.m
Hotelrooms: 285 rooms (566 beds)
Single room 6 rooms
Double room 209 rooms
Apartments 28 apart.
Luxury Apartments (studios) 42 apart.
Service areas 900 sq.m.
Administration 220 sq.m.
Staff Security Maids office Laundry Storage 680 sq.m.
Technical areas 1200 sq.m.
Communication areas 5300 sq.m.
Total built-up area 40 220 sq.m.
3 Basement 4633 sq.m.
2 Basement 4633 sq.m.
1 Basement 4633 sq.m.
Ground floor 2603 sq.m. incl. 602 sq.m. Office One
1 Second floor 2630 sq.m. inc. 602 sq.m. Office One
2 Technical floor 1535 sq.m.
3 to 22 Typical floors 1040 sq.m.
23 floor 580 sq.m.
24 floor 580 sq.m.
25 floor 162 sq.m

This summary is based on working closely with technical team and consultants. The project is under development and the current investor remains flexible to change. The current status of project is in conceptual design stage with the ability to change the internal distribution if needed. Implementation period is app. 36 months. Project construction costs budget is € 44 063 890.